merlin_forever challenge 1x03 - Pointy hat
i made fanart for merlin forever challenge this week too, and here is the link :) this one didn't come up exactly the way i wanted but it'll have to do. i ran out of time :( i'm leaving for a week and there will be no net, so i have to post it now. this also means that i won't be taking part in the next week's challenge... (or maybe i'll just post something a week later, idk..) 

Get off boy! for merlin_forever challenge
get off boy

here's the fanart i made for merlin_forever 1x02 challenge - Valiant.

the thing is, that i've alwasy wondered where did that dog form the second episode go.. so i made up a little AU in my head, where Merlin just kept the dog. and here it is :) god i really wish someone would write a fanfiction for that plot, i'd so read it :D (i'd write one on my own if i had any, ANY writing abilities and good enough english..)

i tend to get artistic when i really should be studying -.-


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